Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Now

My life is so drastically different than it was 7 months ago before my little crawling, pulling himself up, raspberry blowing bug was born. As a very emotional person becoming a parent has made me even more emotional. And my wife who was once very stoic is now almost as much of an emotional bomb as I am. We have learned a lot about our relationship since we've become parents and I'm sure we have plenty more to learn.

I currently take bug( a nickname T coined for him) with me to work for 50 hours each week. We quickly realized while this was great money wise it doesn't work for our family time. I work quite a distance from home so it's not easy for T to come get him after work and I feel bad that she misses out on so much time with him. Starting in the fall I will only be working three days a week and one of those will be from home. I am so grateful that my current job is allowing me to adjust my schedule so drastically!

That has been one of the biggest issues for us. I work so much and I enjoy what I do and part of the allure of me for my clients is my always open availability. I struggled with being my same available self and doing what's best for my son and wife. My family is the most important thing to me so I have tried to adjust accordingly but it is a process.

Communication is so key in relationships. What we have found is that it is hard for us to both be happy about the extra stuff that needs to get done. Before we had bug we had all the time in the world to grocery shop, walk the dog, vacuum the floor, etc. Not it feels like there is not enough hours in the day. Our bickering consumes much more time than it should! I feel like I'm giving more than I should have to and she feels the same way. Right now we are both exhausted. 
Thankfully both T and I have summers off so that should give us time to hopefully get into a rhythm. 


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