Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's been a while.

I had a draft waiting to be uploaded to all the reasons I've been sad. I started it three weeks ago. T and I had inseminated on the 11th early in the am and we were both exhausted. The OPK line wasn't very dark that morning and we were both just a little stressed out about baby making.  We decided not to inseminate the next day as both of us were just done for that cycle. The next week we went to meet T's cousins new baby and she remarked that she could hear my ovaries screaming when I held her baby. She didn't know that T and I were TTC so it wasn't as rude of a comment as it seems but boy did it hit me. But the blog was never posted I was just in a funk.......
I walked around in a funk until Friday when T called me (I was at the zoo with friends and my nanny kids) to tell me that and I quote " I think we're pregnant". I immediately asked her " who's pregnant?" "We are!" She sent me a text of the pregnancy test and it was indeed positive.
I was crying and shaking so much I couldn't believe it. 
I still had an hour left of work and a long car ride home ( which I spent on the phone with my wife).  When I finally got home I ran in and hugged T and cried! So we are pregant! T is five weeks along with a estimated due date of nov. 4th which is our dating anniversary! Right now we are just thanking our lucky stars everyday and hoping for the best! 


nogoodeggs said...

wondeful!! congratulations!

Risa said...

No way!! Ahhhh congratulations!!!!

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