Friday, January 18, 2013

What I've done since I last blogged

  •  did not put my big girl panties on and  go to the baby shower.  On Saturday morning when I woke up I just knew I couldn't do it. I feel terrible and  I am meeting my friends this weekend to give them the present for their new baby but I am still bummed that I couldn't suck it up to support them. 
  • I was a big bum that whole weekend but I did make it to dinner with my friend on Monday. It was  great to see her and her belly and the baby's room which is decorated in owls.  We had a really nice dinner and I got to hear all about the baby stuff. I had intended to apologize for my absence the last 5 months (yes 5 months!) but they didn't really make a big deal of it so it never came up. I was glad to but at the same time  I really wanted to bring bring up so they would know what T and I have been up to but also  part of me has been trying to sort of get out of my feelings as my sister would say. I get very emotional about everything and I'm trying to change that. I spend all this time feeling sorry  for myself and complaining about my life when I really am so incredibly lucky.
  •  Wednesday we celebrated T's 29th birthday with yummy Indian food and family and friends. This is the 10th birthday that I that I've spent with T. 10 is a lot of birthdays to celebrate with someone and I'm so grateful and lucky to have the partner that I do. I've been thinking about other people that have dreams for a home and a job and a partner and I'm so blessed to have all those things. I really feel lucky and special to be where I am.
  • That being said of course I'm still down about not having a baby.  We inseminated at 6 o'clock in the morning today in  dark parking lot. yes that's true . I looked at my wife and I thought to myself "wow, this is insane".  I told her I wouldn't want to be doing this with anyone but her. I don't know if I could find anyone else to go with me to a dark parking lot in the middle of P-town and do a quick insemination before work. 
  •   It's a journey that we are  on and part of it is hard and I am  struggling but boy am I lucky to be here and that's what I'm grateful for.
  • So Now we Wait 2 weeks. The cycle continues! 


Risa said...

I know how that is with baby showers. They are very painful to go to for me because everyone is so happy and gushy and then that just makes me all depressed. I'm thinking about you guys and hope this insemination works!

I've nominated you for a Liebster award :)

Risa said...

So you can find it :)

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